’s reply to us on the saga.

We really had to publish this, there’s so much evidence of strong feelings on this topic, about which we featured our own thoughts on

– and those of George Panyotis at

Hotels continue to walk blindfold straight into the arms of the OTA’s – these thing in the articles above really need to be said.

Here’s the reply to Innfinite from Dorian Harris, from

Hi Robert,

Great piece.

Can I urge you to in turn urge your clients to formalise their complaints by sending them direct (or via you) to the O.F.T.

I realise you have wider concerns than rate parity but I think if we can stop on that front it will send out a strong message to hoteliers that they don’t have to accept every cockamamie new condition forces upon them.

I’m aware, of course, that many hotels will be afraid to speak out in case it further damages their ‘relationship’ with those scoundrels. I can’t guarantee that won’t happen but I believe it’s very unlikely. For all their public bravado, is fully aware of the dangerous legal situation they’ve placed themselves in as evidenced in their notes to their shareholders.

The hoteliers could even submit their complaints anonymously stating they fear reprisals were they to go on public record.

I want to stress again that the subject of the complaint should related largely, if not exclusively, to rate parity. The O.F.T. also covers unfair business practices but that’s not what they’re currently investigating.

Complaints should be address to Sadrul Islam:



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