Lets run a Facebook ‘party’ – Avon/Anne Summers comes to mind

We loved this quote so much we just had to reproduce it –

Chintamani Rao from R K Swamy Media Group just commented on:

Facebook Jumps Over The Candlestick

“Facebook have created revenue in a company that had basically no revenue model, and they have done so by seriously compromising users’ privacy. In keeping with that, the top three priorities they have listed are all about advertisers, and through the earnings call there is not a mention of users. How long will they do that? As Henry Blodget wrote, “Advertising on Facebook is like putting up,posters at a party. People go there to,socialise, not to buy stuff.” How long will you go to that party?”

Your comments – http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/192565/facebook-jumps-over-the-candlestick.html#reply

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