Whats all the fuss about free wifi?

Thought this was really worth reading, Richard kindly allowed us to reproduce it, his contact details are below – – – – – – –

Have you read any of the articles floating around the Internet right now about the editor from Wired magazine who wants to boycott hotels that charge for Internet access? I find it comical that in his article he also refers to the hotels that don’t charge for Internet. Not sure boycott is the correct word to use here since he clearly has a choice where to stay.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been laughing while reading it, but as he talks about his travel experiences and knows that certain hotels are going to charge for Internet access since it is clearly posted on the hotel websites and even when booking through third-party sites, why is he complaining? Then I thought, why stop there? I was in Denver this past weekend and stayed at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center (I love those weekend rates) and met Lisa D’Angelo from our HUTechShare initiative for breakfast. The Hyatt was beautiful, but I knew breakfast in their restaurant was going to be pricey. Should I have complained and told the manager that I could have had breakfast at Denny’s for half the price and threatened to boycott his restaurant?  Or when I travel and take a cab to my hotel I know the cab fare is going to be twice as much as if I had taken a bus or a shuttle. Should I start a boycott of taxis at the airports? I think his use of the word boycott was silly. He has choices and if he didn’t want to spend the money he should have stayed somewhere else or decided not to go on his trip. I wonder what kind of car he drives.



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