The Trip Advisor saga goes on – enter the post stay on line guest survey

Many of my clients, and other hoteliers i know,  are using post stay on line guest surveys very effectively and these can be comp0lied and measured against key quality control standards they have set for their target customer mix, which is very important, as often a customer in the ‘wrong’ demographic segment for a particular property i.e. not a target customer, will be unreliable from a review standpoint, that’s just a fact of life.

On the Trip Advisor front, you get ad hoc reviews, not judged against specific standards for benchmarking, and with zero demographics, so as far as I am concerned that is another source of unreliability

We can talk about TA till the cows come home, lets now focus on proof of pudding and await the observations of the ASA investigation, us mere individual human mortals will not be able to influence this going forward, so all the articles written on the subject might be a good read, have a positive or negative effect on your blood pressure,  but will have no practical effect or influence, its all pure and idle speculation at this stage.

There is of course a big issue with credibility of hotels publishing their own review results, for whatever reason there seems to be a school of thought out there that says all hoteliers are liars until proved otherwise, however using and publishing the results of well constructed on line guest reviews can be parenthisised with the email address of the reviewer, which is no more or less than the equivalent TA review.


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