‘The end of yield management’

This is really worth a read


And there is one and only one acid test – try it. This will avert the need for ‘000’s of articles and opinions from ‘experts’ and commentators, many of whom have zero first hand practical hotel revenue or yield management experience. The adoption of the airline models have revolutionised hotel room selling and yield management and there’s no reason why it won’t work again, especially if properly synch’ed with great channel management.(which also doesn’t need to be half as complex)

For many travel shoppers out there, especially leisure travllers, there is only one currency right now – the deal rate (flash and voucher selling sites).

And copious and extensive travel research comes back to the same two fundamental principles influencing a travel shopper’s decision to purchase – price (=cost – not even ‘value’) and location.

We have spent years, even decades, making the hotel supply industry far far more complicated than it really is. Can someone tell me why?

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