The defining moments for travel in 2011

Worth a read –

We have contributed many articles to many forums about these topics, and would second these as 5 real game changers.

Note that Google is right up there with the game changers as we predicted, this corroborates our strongly held view and advice that hotels and travel companies should focus on all things Google (and worry about very little else in on line marketing. visibility and reputation management if budgets are tight/constrained) as this will be at the absolute core of the success of their on line strategy irrespective of size or sector.> and of its direct on line sales and conversion strategy. More and morer hoteliers, large asnd small, are telling me that their biggest, and most crippling cost today is the asmount of money they pay in commissions and discounts to on line travel companies – so the direct on line channels have really risen back to the top of the strategci agenda.

As I write, Google surprises the ,market and enters into the airline on line space as Google and ITA software unveiled their long-awaited flight search product — with booking links to airline websites only.  What might these moves mean for on line hotel distribution going forward? – watch this space – – – – – – – –



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