How do hoteliers counteract the persuasive design of OTA websites?

On numerous previous occasions, we have emphasised the need for the hotel website booking experience to be better than that on OTA sites, in order to maximise the potential  for channel shift and direct on line conversions, away from the OTA’s

Again we would emphasise that this needs also to be an opportunity for the independent hotel website to present a better booking experience than the big brand website, try testing the big brand booking process of e.g. Marriott, IHG &c and you’ll see how clunky and unwieldy they are.

Here at Innfinite we are working with our ecommerce partners Navarino Services to see where we can make the booking process both easier, and more compelling. This becomes particularly important now with mobile bookings, as a hand set is not a very convenient device for entering a lot of personal details and other information > which you really need to ask yourself – is it actually required, at the point of booking?

Imagine my delight when i tripped across this article – – –


This is an absolute ‘must read’ for all hoteliers aspiring to make their booking process better than that of an OTA. I am not suggesting that all’s persuasive design techniques can be emulated in individual hotel website and booking engine design, but there are clear and real messages and challenges here. Again here at Innfinite we are looking into how we can make the booking process more compelling, taking account of the ‘persuasive designs’ not only of but of other OTA’s

Time for independent hotels inn particular to go back to the drawing board, contact their webmasters and ecommerce providers and see where they can revisit the websites and booking processes to make them more compelling and irresistible as booking experiences. For the potential spoils are considerable – – – – – – – –  –

1              Steal a march over the brands

2              Win channel shift away from OTA’s


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