Google rules, a postscript

Focusing all your on line activity on what Google alone can do for you, eliminates the need to consider all the other trillions of marketing advice out there today.

Maximising and using everything Google can do for your hotel business is hard enough, but at least you’re focusing on a composite, integrated set of tools, and also you’re tapping into Google’s seemingly unlimited development budget.

its a few years now since we stopped owning and running our own hotels, but my guess is that if I bought a hotel today, and did nothing else on the marketing front but smartly using what Google could offer me, i’d run a highly successful on line business.

I have invited travel experts and intellectuals to devise me a practical hotel model that works optimally using all the tools, devices, software, and so called expert advice (most of it unproven) thet exists out there – not surprisingly, no one has come up with anything!!!

In fact it is surprising, especially in the independent hotel market > the sheer lack of a serious business model of any kind, far less one approaching anything ‘optimal’

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