Daily deals certainly have no place in long term marketing strategy – or short term?

We came across thes article http://www.hospitalitynet.org/external/750249829.html – where the author actually laid bare the practice of hotels ‘packaging’ daily deals to try to maintain/protect market rates. The corollary of this is of course that the customer may not really be getting a deal at all.

Personally, I am a non[-customer of daily deals because I don’t trust them, and as a hotel consultant I know how much they hurt. i sing up for them so that I can see what’s going on, and so far I’m glad to say our client base has pretty well avoided them en masse, at no material or even noticeable disadvantage to revenues and profits.

A great way of putting the damage these deals can do came to me when I spotted www.quickquid.co.uk Have a look. If I am struggling in a month to pay my bills, hey presto I get immediate cash at a ‘representative’ APR of 1734%!! So this month If get £1500 from them, and I pay back £1942.50 in 30 days. these people are, apparently legitimately, committing nothing short of extortion but they do come with an explicigt ‘government health warning’ not to be used for long term financial strategy and planning!

This is daily deals over the back. Need I say more? Perhaps Groupon should carry a ‘government health warning’ to suppliers too. Not a chance.

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